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    Ergänzungsmesser für das Gyro-Cut® PRO. Dieses Messer kann Karton, Filz, Stoff, Leder, Balsaholzplatten und Vinyl geschnitten werden.

    Messer - medium (30°)

    Beschreibung des Herstellers:

    The Medium Cut tungsten carbide blade is designed to fit our Gyro-Cut® PRO tool. The cutting edge of this blade has been precision diamond ground to achieve a finish capable of cutting many types of fabrics with the greatest of ease.

    Ideal for cutting thin fabrics, felt, Mylar/acetate, thin leather, thin balsawood, medium thickness of card, vehicle wrapping vinyls, signwriting vinyls and many other thin to medium materials.

    This blade is very sharp and is not suitable for use by children unless under adult supervision.

    The Medium Cut, tungsten carbide blade is perfect for cutting:

    • Thin and medium fabrics
    • Thin felt
    • Medium Mylar/acetate
    • Thin leather (2mm max.)
    • Thin balsawood
    • Medium card
    • Vehicle wrapping vinyls
    • Signwriting vinyls

    The Medium Cut blade is only compatible with our Gyro-Cut® PRO and Fabri-Cut® tools. This blade does NOT fit the blue Gyro-Cut® or Gyro-Cut® Junior tools.

    See our "How To" video showing the correct way to replace the blade.

    Caution: This blade has a very sharp cutting edge and point and is not suitable for children under the age of 10 years without adult supervision.