GYRO-CUT® PRO TOOL - Schneidewerkzeug

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    Mit diesem Schneidewerkzeug können mit den unterschiedlichen Messern verschiedenen Materialien geschnitten werden. Je nach Messer kann Papier, Pappe, Filz, Stoff, Leder, Balsaholzplatten, Fondant, Modelliermasse und Vinyl geschnitten werden.

    Messer - standard (15°)
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    Beschreibung des Herstellers:
    The amazing Gyro-Cut® PRO craft and hobby tool is designed to easily cut a much wider variety of materials. This device can be fitted with different blades to suit various applications. The Standard Cut hardened steel blade will cut all of the same materials as the Gyro-Cut® JUNIOR tool. The Medium Cut tungsten carbide 30-degree blade will cut thin fabrics, thin felt (using the Easy Felt™ attachment), medium Mylar®/acetate, thin leather (2mm max), thin balsawood (2mm max), medium card, vehicle wrapping and signwriting vinyl. The Deep Cut tungsten carbide 45-degree blade will cope with materials such as thicker fabrics, thicker felt (3mm max), sugarpaste, medium balsawood (3mm max), thin leather (3mm max), thicker cardstock, cereal cartons, polymer clay, thin foam/depron, etc. The PRO tool and your selection of blade(s) will be supplied in a reusable PVC zipper bag with a separate compartment for storing your blades (blades are sold separately).