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Zeitschrift (UK) Craft Stamper August 2017

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    Der Craft Stamper ist eine regelmäßig erscheinende englische Zeitschrift. Abwechselt gibt es entweder einen Clearstamp oder Digistamps gratis.
    Zu finden sind ungezählte "Step-by-Step" Projekte mit vielen Bildern.

    original Inhaltsangabe:

    You may have noticed we have a wonderfully cute cupcake stamp on the cover of this issue! No, we haven’t got our months all mixed up… the cupcake (with everything crossed and the wind blowing in the right direction!) heralds The Return of the Stamp.

    Yes, from this issue onwards we’ll be seeing a wonderful polymer stamp on the cover of EVERY issue. This makes all the team here at CS very happy! :)

    We have not one, but TWO Masterclass features to share this month. Not only do we have Anneke sharing some stunning work using Scribble Sticks (page 70), we also have some inspirational ideas on how to use Distress Oxide inks from Anna-Karin on page 36.

    We know just how much you love your Distress Oxide inks, so if a mini masterclass isn’t enough to inspire you, then how about two amazing projects from Kath Stewart? Kath has showcased two very different styles, both amazing! We think you’ll agree, so why not have a look on page 28.

    We also have an wonderfully detailed and intricate assemblage project by Monika Januszewska, a stunning mini album from new-to-Craft Stamper designer Emma Godfrey, and some fabulous triptychs in our 3D Challenge gallery in this issue! Lots for you all to experiment with, and don’t forget, I would love to see what you create! Email me, or share on our Facebook page!

    Have a wonderfully crafty month everyone!