Altenew Clearstamp-Set Happy Birthday to You - Geburtstag

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    Clearstamp-Set mit 42 Stempeln der Firma Altenew zur einfachen Verwendung mit Acrylgriffen (nicht mit dabei).


    Gesamtgröße der Stempelplatte ca. 15 cm x 20 cm.

    Angaben des Herstellers:

    Are you a music lover? Well, this one-of-a-kind stamp set has got you covered!

    It features the actual music notation for the Happy Birthday song along with lyrics so that you can "sing" happy birthday to your loved ones even if you are miles away!

    We have also included a blank staff and different note values along with the treble, alto, and bass clefs. This will allow you to compose your own song on your project. How cool is that? To make the set even more versatile, there are sentiments that work for many occasions besides birthdays, including lots of pun music puns.

    This set includes one 6" x 8" clear stamp set containing 42 stamps made in the USA from high-quality photopolymer.

    Sentiments: This set includes nine sweet sentiments to wish your loved ones a musical day:

      • happy
      • birthday
      • just a little note to say...
      • you're looking sharp!
      • you raise the bar
      • hope you don't cause any treble
      • have a musical
      • wish I could be there to hold you
      • just wanted to sing you

    Music Symbols: This set includes lots of music symbols to personalize your own musical messages for your loved ones:

      • staff
      • treble clef
      • bass clef
      • alto clef
      • sharp sign
      • flat sign
      • natural sign
      • fermata
      • ledger line
      • bar line
      • double bar line
      • sixteenth notes (repeated notes)
      • sixteenth notes (scale-wise)
      • eighth note pair (repeated notes)
      • eighth note pair (leap of a third)
      • single eighth note (stem down)
      • single eighth note (stem up)
      • dotted eighth sixteenth
      • quarter note
      • half note
      • whole note
      • numbers for time signature (2, 3, 4)


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