Picture This Stamps - Stempel Blinking Lighthouse

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    Clearstamps lassen sich ohne weitere Hilfsmittel an einem Acrylgriff befestigen.
    Einfache Montage und das Stempeln ist durch den transparenten Griff und dem durchsitigen Clearstamp ein Kinderspiel.

    Stempelgesamtgröße 10,5 cm x 14,8 cm

    Die originale Beschreibung:
    Made in the  UK • Made using  award winning clear Photo-polymer • Photo-polymer stamps are designed to better transfer ink so the ink sticks to the  stamp extremely well, giving a crisper, cleaner image • All stamps  have an optimal depth of 3.2mm, which means deep plate relief but with high  detail still being held • High  clarity, crystal clear stamps for easy positioning that won’t yellow or tear –  can be stretched and won’t distort and will last forever if stored  carefully • Easy to  align, re-align and re-use and easy to store (store out of  sunlight) • Naturally  cling back for easy adhesion to an acrylic block • Contains no  latex, phthalates, melamine, carcinogens or toxic/harmful  compounds • All  photo-polymer stamps work well with pigment and dye based inks (water based  inks). You can use solvent inks but bear in mind that the solvent (including in  your stamp cleaner) will degrade your stamp over time. Use solvent cleaner  sparingly • Can be used  with heat, so techniques such as embossing powders, angel fibres, etc are all OK.