Zeitschrift (UK) Craft Stamper Mai 2017

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    Der Craft Stamper ist eine regelmäßig erscheinende englische Zeitschrift. Abwechselt gibt es entweder einen Clearstamp oder Digistamps gratis.
    Zu finden sind ungezählte "Step-by-Step" Projekte mit vielen Bildern.

    original Inhaltsangabe:

    Fran Westmoreland is the cover star of the May issue of Craft Stamper. Here sensational book art piece blew us away! The carved away book pages give a totally new texture and dimension to the fantastic composition. Check out the full step-by-step tutorial on pages 6-9 of the magazine.

    Fran says:

    “Altering books is a really fun and rewarding project to try. A lot of us have a stash of old books gathering dust so what better way to repurpose them than by creating a beautiful journal cover. I chose a soft colour scheme, adding metallic hues to soft brown and red shades to give the project some pizazz.”